Creative Experience Agency

Production Live is an award-winning creative experience agency. We specialise in event production and experiences. Furthermore, have been delivering incredible events for 15 years and make the creative journey easy and maximise value for you. Here’s how! 

First: Let us know the who you want to engage. 

Second: We’ll talk about what you want to find out, and how you would like to engage your audience.

Third: Our team produce your vision, with all the engagement needed, to produce the insight you need.

Finally: Learn from the valuable data, that has been automatically collated and organised to suit your needs. In addition, we can even help you with analytics. 

We create powerful creative experiences for your audience, if you want to engage, gather valuable data, and more, talk to us now.

Our Creative Experience Services

- Interactive Projects

- Creative Visualisation

- Interactive Smart Plinths & Displays

- Online Platforms & Apps

- Interactive Museum & Art Exhibits

- Product Launches & Activations

- Engineering & Fabrication

- Interactive AV

- Content Design & Management

- IoT

- Data Driven Tech Solutions

Some People We've Worked With

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Creative Experience Agency

Interactive Tech

We create spectacles of technology within the creative industries. Above all, engaging tech can get you in front of your audience and ahead of your competition. In addition and helps you bring data and insight into your audience.

The first step in creating a great piece of interactive tech is to think about your pain and, therefore the problem you need an answer to 

Please speak to us about your pain, and we’ll help you with your problem and get your audience engaged in the process! 

Digital & Creative

Museums & Galleries

We work in AV integration to create innovative products for installations. We also make specialist products, interactive exhibits and features.

With unique smart products, we help improve and measure audience engagement. For instance, you may want to measure how many people interacted, for how long, and how far through your interaction they got. All of this, in addition to planning the data point you want to gather from the activity itself.  

Our creative Agency is a disrupter in the AV integration market. So come and speak to us about your next exciting project!

Digital Experience

Digital Installs

We want to share the benefits of digital signage for a sustainable future. Digital signage is long term and allows for a better audience experience. 

If you are creating an installation or exhibition, you should consider both the digital expectation from your audience and the advantage in content creation and curation. 

Our install products are built bespoke. Get in touch to find out more about the advantages of digital and how we can help you keep it creative. 

Creative Experience Agency - Data

Data & Market Research

Data is the new gold standard, therefore, data can be rich. If you want to gather meaningful data for your events and activations, we can help. 

Get the most out of your activation with automated data gathering and better brand engagement with our tech. In addition, we can help you analyse your data, learn from it, and help you develop the way you create future engagements. 

In short, let us know the questions you are asking, and we’ll not only get you answers but help you maximise their value.