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Comprehensive Event Production and AV Solutions for Conferences, Meetings, Awards & Dinners across the UK & Globally

Turnkey AV, Hire & More!

As a standout among UK event companies, Production Live offers complete event production and AV services across UK, Europe and the rest of the world. Catering to both domestic and international clients, we are your trusted partner for all event types – from corporate conferences to high-fashion showcases.

We pride ourselves in delivering competitive, top-notch services that go beyond what typical AV companies offer. We provide world-class event support, alongside additional services like furniture provisioning, entertainment planning, and custom fabrication services.

Get in touch with us if you’re seeking the assurance of an agency’s expertise combined with competitive pricing similar to direct AV hire businesses.

Events Company Offering Wide-Ranging Services

- Comprehensive Solutions for Live, Hybrid & Virtual Events
- Full Event Production Services
- Sound, Lighting & AV Solutions
- Bespoke Construction & Fabrication
- Creative Graphic Design
- Professional Film and Photography
- Full Event Teams Management
- Event Furniture and Accessories
- Custom Web & Phone Apps
- Interactive Technology and Experiences
- Multilingual Event Translation Services
- Premium Event Services Globally

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Expert Event Video Production Services

At Production Live, we understand that visuals are key to crafting unforgettable event experiences. Ensuring clear visibility and immersive experiences for all attendees, we leverage innovative technologies like live cameras and interactive displays.

From projection and LED walls to 8K TVs, we’ll find the perfect visual solution for your event, providing the best AV services across the UK, Europe and beyond.

Creative Video Wall

Immersive Visuals & Creative Event Design

Have a unique concept in mind? As a leading event agency, we love ambitious projects. Share your creative visions with us and we’ll bring them to life, partnering with top creative studios for custom and breathtaking content design. Explore the possibilities with us today.

Conference - Event production Agency

Your Event Agency Delivering Expert Event Lighting Solutions

We strive to create the perfect atmosphere at every event. Our creative event design services include pre-event visualizations and pre-programmed show lighting. We use eco-friendly LED lighting, actively reducing our carbon footprint.

Event production Agency

Pro Audio & Sound Systems

At Production Live, your message is our priority. Whether it’s a small meeting room or a large festival field, we provide a world-class sound system with top brands such as L’Acoustics, D&B and Nexo. Additionally, we excel in managing complex RF systems and provide live language translation services using reliable digital solutions.

Event Tech

Advanced Technology & Graphic Design

From the design and production of digital graphics to augmented reality and live web streaming, we enhance your event with the latest technologies. Aligned with our sustainability goals, we aim to use 100% renewable graphics by 2022.


Event Furniture & Custom Accessories

We provide a wide array of furnishings, suited for all types of events. We can even design and build custom structures like news desks, sculptures, interactive plinths and more. Looking for backstage drinks facilities or delegate goody bags? We’ve got you covered. By offering comprehensive services under one roof, we aim to streamline your event organisation process, ensuring efficiency and ease.

Bespoke Event Fabrication Services

For events that need a personalised touch, our bespoke fabrication services are at your disposal. Let us know what you envision, and our expert team will bring it to life. Whether it’s custom lecterns, sculptures, interactive plinths, or unique structures, we are equipped to fulfil your requirements. With Production Live, you’re not just hiring an event production agency; you’re gaining a creative partner committed to delivering memorable experiences.

Your Trusted Event Company Worldwide

ing Production Live means partnering with a team of professionals dedicated to delivering unparalleled service and value. Our vast industry experience and commitment to customer satisfaction set us apart from other event production companies based in the UK and working globally. Whether you’re planning a live event, a conference, or a product launch, we’re here to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs. Contact us today to discuss how we can bring your vision to life.