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Win a free “Self Streamed” virtual wedding or £200 off your virtual wedding: Sign up now for a chance to win. All entrants will receive our exclusive early access price list! 

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February/March 2021 Mailing List Competition:

Thank you for joining our mailing list. We will periodically send you updates about the competition via the email provided. We will also use this email to let you know if you have won the contest!


The 1st round of this competition will end when we have reached our 1,000 email target or the 15/03/2021 at 23.59GMT (whichever is sooner). Details of the early access pricing will be released to the full mailing list. 


We expect to announce the winners at the end of March but will keep you up to date.


Our self streaming services are fixed and have no additional costs. The mailing list will also enjoy a discount from the full product price, which will be released on our website at around the same time (march) 


Our full on-site services are subject to additional logistics costs such as transport, hotels, food, and chargeable travel time for our staff. Reasonable venue access must be possible to move equipment. As part of the process, we will contact the venue to enquire about access restrictions such as stairways and uneven surfaces.  


The £200 prize will be deductible from any package price sent in the early access pricing email.  £200 will be deducted before the UK VAT is added to the price. 

The Free “Self-Stream” Virtual wedding will be for up to 100 guests and hosted on our platform. We will set up the platform, run a rehearsal for you, and a tech check on the day. We will provide a joining guide for your guests. wifi & ensuring your guests’ RSVP and get themselves onto the platform on time is the purchaser’s responsibility.


Prizes can not be used in conjunction with each other, but winners can claim their prize retrospectively if they have already taken on a service from us.    

A good internet signal at the venue is required for all our services. We strongly suggest requesting a “hardwire” ethernet connection for all of our services. It is solely the purchaser’s responsibility (the marriage party or their planner), to source and pays for internet services. Wed Virtual (Production Live), can accept no responsibility for service failures due to wifi issues.


The winner will be announced within 14 days of closing the competition and will be notified by email. They will be given a further 14 days to respond before the prize is passed onto some else. 


Total Number of Prizes. 

We will give away one(1) £200 discount per 1,000 emails acquired on the list, up to a maximum of ten(10) prizes.


Only one discount per product is allowed, which can be used in conjunction with the “early access pricing”, but not in conjunction with any other offer.


Only one email entry per person is permitted, we reserve the right to disqualify/discount any person submitted multiple email addresses/entrees.


Bookings are subject to availability, and we ask for a minimum of four weeks notice on our basic streaming services, and six weeks notice on our full “on-site” services.


We reserve the right not to provide a full service to a venue if we feel we cannot deliver the service effectively. This could be due to factors such as access, wifi or location.

Competition cancellation:

If there is not sufficient uptake on the competition (minimum 100 entries), we will email all entrants directly to establish interest and will still offer the 1st prize out to those who registered interested. If the winner does not respond within 28 days. We will offer the prize to via email to all entrants, and the winner will be the 1st to respond via email (auto-responses will not be counted).  

You can unsubscribe to our email list at any time (there will be an option once you have received your first email.


If you have any further questions, please email


General terms of service


Events & Virtual Events Terms & Conditions


Thank you for choosing to work with Production Live for your event. To get to work on your project, we ask that you read and sign the following agreement:



Production Live use a mixture of in house and subcontractor services to deliver the best events possible. We will consult with you on your event and provide the staff and services outlined in our quotation.


A member of our team will attend at least one pre-event meeting to ensure smooth running on the day.


The days running order, content & speakers are to be led by you. If you require additional support in these areas, do let us know. 


General facilitation, management and technical support including prepping speakers & keeping an eye on the event are chargeable at different service levels and outlined in your agreement.


Our Responsibilities

• To upload your images and text content onto your landing & event page (content to follow our guidelines)

• To engage in a pre-event meeting, including signing off the landing page

• Assistance in transferring the days running order onto the system

• Run a technical test with the designated person (see your plan for details on rehearsals

• Setting up and troubleshooting third-party polling/quiz system (if purchased 

• Downloading and sending your RSVS list, at the agreed time

• supplying basic holding graphics/images for your landing page if required

• liaising with your venue on access and facilities (full service only)

• provide agreed provisions for the on-site team (as per agreements, chargeable, full service only) 


• Provide technical support at the agreed level

• Facilitate an event rehearsal (where applicable)

• Provide the technical delivery and event facilitation support (where applicable)

• To assist issue basic instructions on the use of the platform

• Provide all services & equipment outlined in the agreement


Production Live Ltd: Copywrite 2018

Company Number: 11677935

UK VAT Registered: 309262511


Your Responsibilities

• All “content” is to be provided by you (holding images supplied by us can be changed) 

• sending out the RSVP link is managed by you

• Venue Wifi is paid for and managed by you

• Monitoring the guests is your responsibility unless we are contracted to do so

• You and your guests agree to the terms of service of us and our platform

• you and your guests must make an account with our platform in advance of the event


Production Live will endeavour to provide expert service and build as much redundancy into your

event as possible. Due to the nature of virtual events, there are some areas that we cannot be held account for:


Wifi failures:

Production Live remote services have a fully redundant WIFI system (two independent fibre lines ran from the event hub.)

While we believe this to be a very robust system, we still rely on third parties to cover our broadband services. For this reason, we think that we have done our due diligence to attempt to have as reliable a signal as reasonable possible, and therefore cannot be liable for network issues

as a result of failures in the service by our network providers (Virgin Media and Plus Net)


We also cannot be held responsible for network failures of the z, speakers, guests or any other participants who are not in our network/staff team. 


We highly recommend all essential persons to the event connect with a hardwire (ethernet) connection. This includes the main connection to the venue, and anyone giving a speech.



Production Live will offer as much support as we can on the supplied platform. The platform features will be outlined to you in advance. If the platform is down during your event, we cannot be held directly responsible. However, we will try and recoup some costs on your behalf. 


The platform is only to be used for the fixed time/events that have been outlined. As part of this package, we will set up all critical elements of the platform as part of our service. This includes uploading of graphics, running order and any written content you send to us to upload. 

We will monitor and update you on the RSVP list as agreed.


In the interest in making the competition fair and giving maximum opportunity for entrants to win, we reserve the right to make small changes to the competition terms at any time.

Production Live Ltd: Copywrite 2018

Company Number: 11677935

UK VAT Registered: 309262511

Data Protection

Production Live is fully certified by ICO (Information Commissioners Office), and compliant with EU

GDPR 2016/679 regulations. Please email to request our full data

protection policy.   

terms updated: 12/02/2021

Win a free “Self Streamed” virtual wedding or £200 off your virtual wedding: Sign up now for a chance to win. All entrants will receive our exclusive early access price list! 

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